HP Systinet 3.00: now with more significant digits!

My ex-colleagues at HP have just released a new version of the HP Systinet SOA governance product. Congrats guys.

Just a question. What’s up with the “version 3.00” thing? We used to talk about “v1” and “v2”. Then came the whole “Web 2.0” silliness and we all replaced the “v” prefix with a “dot oh” suffix. Fine. But am I now supposed to say “dot oh oh”? And, more important, where will it stop? Is Santa Claus going to be bellowing “dot oh oh oh” later this year?

Or is it the price? Three dollars?

Since versioning is a big part of SOA management, I guess HP wanted to show that they had thought extra hard about the question and reflect this in their product name. In any case, no-one beats Oracle for granular version number (for example, JDeveloper was released today).

More seriously, I noted with interest mentions of BPEL and SCA support in Systinet 3.00, but I couldn’t find any specific about what this means on the HP site. Anyone has more info? Also, no mention of GIF in the release announcement?

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