[2018/10 update: As you might have noticed this site has been dormant for a while and I currently have no plan to revive it. For the record, I’ve now left Google Cloud and I work in another part of Google, as a Group Product Manager.]

My name is William Vambenepe (@vambenepe on Twitter). I am a Senior Product Manager at Google. More specifically, I lead the PM team for Big Data services on Google Cloud Platform (BigQuery, Cloud Dataflow, Hadoop/Spark, and other not-yet-public services…).

I previously worked as architect for the application and middleware management part of Oracle Enterprise Manager. My focus was on Application Monitoring & Management, APIs, PaaS, and Cloud (both private and public).

Before coming to Oracle in 2007, I worked in HP’s software division, on a variety of products ranging from high resolution imaging (OpenPix) to middleware (e-speak, Bluestone, HP-AS) and, for the last five years, systems management. I experimented with various roles at HP (product manager, customer-facing solution architect, developer, development manager) before focusing on development and architecture. At the end of my HP tenure, as a “distinguished technologist” in the BTO group (previously known as OpenView) I combined architectural and standard-related responsibilities.

I started this blog because I love to receive comment spam. I think it contains a form of popular art waiting to emerge. Also, I sometimes use irony.

And of course the views I express on this site are mine and not necessarily those of my employer.