Oslo name clarification

Good news. The Oslo code name now specifically refers to Microsoft’s new modeling technologies (the part that I and, presumably, readers of this blog care about) and not the workflow/biztalk stuff that was always mixed in (to the point where some Oslo stories only mentioned workflow).

[UPDATED 2008/10/10: Now this is getting silly. Yet another name change. It’s not “D” it’s “M”. Whatever. Isn’t the whole point of code names that it doesn’t matter what they are: just pick one and stick with it until you release and then you can come up with the final name? I am not going to do another post just for this like a groupie tracking every news item, however irrelevant, about his/her favorite band. Which, for the record, is not the position I am in wrt to Oslo (at least until I know what it really is). Oh, and their graphical modeling tool is now called Quadrant. I am sure the TopQuadrant folks (creator of the TopBraid RDF/OWL/SPARQL editor which is in a very related domain) will appreciate.]


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