Here are the different feeds available for this blog:

There are also per-entry (for all the comments on a given entry) and per-category (for all the posts in that category) RSS 2.0 feeds available. The easiest way to find them is to go to the page for that entry (or that category) and look through the <link rel=”alternate” …/> elements in the HTML “head” section. Most Web browsers do that for you automatically and surface the embedded feed URLs in the address bar.

For example, here is the RSS 2.0 feed for the “Cloud Computing” category. And here is the RSS 2.0 feed for all the comments on the “Square peg, REST hole” post. As these examples illustrate, the algorithm is simple: just append “/feed” to the page URL to get the corresponding RSS 2.0 feed.

While I am listing RSS feeds, you can also subscribe to the RSS feed for my Twitter account (the account is @vambenepe).

Email me if you need help with any of this.