RDF to XML tools for everyone in 2010?

As has been abundantly commented on, a lot of the tool/runtime support for XML development is centered on mapping XML to objects. The assumption being that developers are familiar with OO and not XML and so tools provide value by allowing developers to work in the environment they are most comfortable in. Of course, little by little it becomes obvious that this “help” is not necessarily that helpful and that if the processing of XML document is core to the application then the developer is much better off learning XML concepts and working with them.

The question is, what will happen to the tools once we move beyond XML as the key representation. XML might still very well be around as the serialization (it sure makes transformations easy), but in many domains (IT management for one), we’ll have to go beyond XML for the semantics. Relying on containment and order is a very crude mechanism, and one that can’t be extended very well despite what the X in XML is supposed to stand for. Let’s assume that we move to something like RDF and that by that point most developers are comfortable with XML. Who wants to bet that tools would show up that try to prevent developers from having to learn RDF concepts and instead find twisted ways to process RDF statements as one big XML document, using the likes of XPath, XSLT and XQuery instead of SPARQL?

All the trials and errors around Web services tools in Java (especially) made it very clear how tools can hold you back just as much as they can help you move forward.

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