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Want to play a minesweeper game?

Since I am on a roll with off-topic posts…

I accidentally ran into some Web pages and scripts I wrote between 1994 and 1996. Mostly experiments with Web technologies that were emerging at the time. Some have pretty much disappeared (VRML), some are still pretty useful but slowly on their way out (CGI) but many of them are very prominent now. I found a bunch of Python scripts I wrote back then, some Java apps and applets and even a Minesweeper game written in JavaScript. And the impressive thing is that even though those were all pretty early technologies at the time, these programs seem to run just fine today with the latest virtual machines and interpreters for their respective languages. Kuddos to the people who have been growing these technologies while maintaining backward compatibility. Speaking of technologies that were emerging at the time and have made it big since then, all these were served from a Linux server and the Python stuff was developed on a Linux desktop (Slackware was the distribution of choice).

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