HP/IBM/Intel/Microsoft roadmap

HP, IBM, Intel and Microsoft just released a roadmap to describe how we plan to converge the myriad of Web services specs currently used for resource acces, eventing and management. Basically converging WS-Management and the stack under it with WSDM and the stack under it. This roadmap should make users of these specs feel a lot more at ease. It also is specific enough to give a good indication of the smart way to architect systems today in a way that will align with the reconciled version. Even though we don’t have spec candidates ready to share at this point, we thought it would be valuable to let people know of the direction we are heading towards. The resulting set of specifications will be based on the currently existing WS-Transfer, WS-Eventing and WS-Enumeration. Which, as it happens, are published as member submissions by the W3C today.

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