WS convergence for the visually oriented

Since the convergence roadmap was introduced last week I have explained it to a few people. I found that a graphical representation of how all the specifications mentioned in the roadmap relate to one another helps a lot. So, in case other people can use it, here is the animated powerpoint description of the proposed converged stack. It has to be shown in slideshow mode so the animations work.

Creating this slide reminded me of the (much nicer) animated slides that Jay Unger from IBM created for the introduction of WSRF. Those who were around at the time will surely remember them. For all the luck they brought to WSRF. Fortunately, I am not superstitious.

[UPDATE on 2007/11/27: theĀ  link to the roadmap on doesn’t work anymore, but you can still find the roadmap on the IBM site. Also, it was brought to my attention that the animations in the powerpoint slide don’t work with powerpoint 2000 (i.e. version 9.0 that is part of Office 2000). I know they work on powerpoint 2003 (version 11.0, part of Office 2003) since it’s what I used to create it. Not sure about powerpoint 2002 (aka version 10.0 that was part of Office XP). Without the animations, this slide doesn’t make much sense.]

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