Guest on the Redmonk IT management podcast

Coté and John Willis invited me as a guest on their weekly Redmonk IT management podcast, the 6th since they started. I believe I am the first to be invited on it, so if they stop having guests I’ll know what this means about my performance. Here is the MP3 (58MB, approximately 1 hour).

If you are going to listen to it do me a favor and skip the first 5 minutes. By minute 6, the morning coffee has kicked in and I start to make a bit more sense. All in all, I’d rather you don’t listen to it and read Coté’s excellent overview instead. It’s not that I am embarrassed that I have a French accent, it’s that I sound like Arnold Schwarzenegger trying to fake a French accent. Please tell me it’s because of Skype’s compression algorithm.

Insecurities aside, I had a very good time with Coté and John. These guys’ knowledge of the IT management industry is both encyclopedic and very practical. Hopefully I was able to contribute some insights on the need for better integration in IT management and some of the current efforts to achieve it.

Thanks Coté and John for inviting me. And, at the risk of sounding like Arnold again, I hope that “I’ll be back” on your podcast.


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