Oracle Real User Experience Insight 6.0

Oracle just released version 6.0 of Real User Experience Insight (friends call it RUEI), which is part of the Enterprise Manager portfolio. As the name indicates, it captures and presents in great details the experience of actual users interacting with your application. This is real traffic, not synthetic probes. It’s is a mature product, which originally came from the Moniforce acquisition two years ago.

One way to classify the improvements in this version is to sort them based on who they are exciting for:

Exciting for techies

The ability to link in context from RUEI to diagnostic tools in Enterprise Manager. For example, going from a slow JSP in RUEI to a view of its role in the overall composite application. Or to a deep-dive in Java diagnostic.

Exciting for Oracle applications administrators

Many improvements (in the form of updated “Accelerators”) for using RUEI to manage Oracle EBS, PeopleSoft, Siebel and JD Edwards. Including EBS Forms support in socket mode without Chronos (those who know what this means rejoice, others can safely ignore).

Exciting for business and marketing people

The full capture and replay of user sessions. The ease of reproducing errors and seeing exactly what your users do and experience. Terrifyingly edifying at times.

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