A new management catalog proposal

As part of the work around the convergence of WS-Management and WSDM, HP, IBM, Intel and Microsoft just published a first version of a specification called WS-ResourceCatalog. This specification provides a way to list management endpoints for resources. For example, the BMC on a server motherboard could host a catalog that lists the management endpoints for its different components (network card, CPU, disk, etc). This is an attempt to bring more consistency to discovery scenarios.

The spec has been submitted to the DMTF for its consideration as part of its Web services-based management protocol efforts. The submission includes a list of issues related to the spec, so it’s pretty clear that it’s nowhere near done. Rather than hammering things out even longer (trust me, it’s been too long already), we decided to hand it over as is to the DMTF and let its members decide how to handle the issues. And any other change they wish to make.

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