Yes you can read the OSGi specification

You know what I like the best about OSGi? That it doesn’t put the bar too high for architects. At first I was a bit intimidated by the sizeĀ  (338 pages for the “core specification”, 862 pages for the “service compendium”) and the fact that I had to look up “compendium”. But then they put me right at ease:

“Architects should focus on the introduction of each subject. This introduction contains a general overview of the subject, the requirements that influenced its design, and a short description of its operation as well as the entities that are used. The introductory sections require knowledge of Java concepts like classes and interfaces, but should not require coding experience.”

I am like so totally overqualified for my job. Hell, I even know what packages are.

(from the recently released OSGi version 4.2.)


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