Flavors of PaaS

How many flavors of PaaS do we need?

  • PaaS for business apps
  • PaaS for toy apps (simple form-based CRUD) and simple business front ends (e.g. restaurant web sites)
  • PaaS for games, mash-ups and social apps
  • PaaS for multimedia delivery and live streams
  • PaaS for high performance and scientific computing
  • PaaS for spamming, hacking and other illegal activities (Zombies as a Service)
  • Other?

BTW, doesn’t “flavors of PaaS” sound like the name of a perfume? At least when I say it with my French accent it does.


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6 Responses to Flavors of PaaS

  1. Finally, something worthwhile is happening. The 3-layer cloud (I, P, S) is now actually I.1:x, P.1:y and S.1:z where x, y, z are elastic, at least mathematically speaking. Once the math is done, x, y and z can leverage a Chomsky grammar based on the “nom de jeur” method. Ultimately, the cloud will clear and we may indeed get back to a 7-layer model (after all, US tele# have 7#, mythology indicates it took 7 days to create chaos, and 7 is just plain lucky that we have an economy that crashes, OSI, …).

    The only thing certain is that we now have words to describe the same thing in addition to the same word to describe different things. Seems like computers (even us mere mortals are computers), being discrete, can only process the first certainty. The second certainty is processed under the entropy model.

    And since perfumes and Baskin Robbin style flavors seem likely, I think we do need to standardize (whoops, is zee, zed or s correct) on whether we use “english” (if US and CA standardizes then the rest of the world may align themselves). Seems like collectively, we are creating what could be the cloud language.

  2. fred

    Bahh… It’s already been done.. Or is that colors (colours) of PaaS?


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