WSRF and WS-Notification public review

The WSRF TC has approved a set of committee drafts and the corresponding documents are now submitted to public review, a step towards standard status in the OASIS process. The documents in this public review are:

  • WS-Resource
  • WS-ResourceProperties
  • WS-ResourceLifetime
  • WS-ServiceGroup
  • WS-BaseFaults
  • WSRF Application Notes

All the docs (and associated XSD and WSDL documents) can be accessed in one zip file. Now is the time to send your comments. I know I will. There is a lot of progress since the TC started a bit over a year ago and the actual SOAP messages defined by these specifications are useful, but unfortunately one needs a decoder ring to understand how to use the framework in a general way. And the WS-Resource document is NOT this decoder ring, it’s more the contrary. More on this later.The WS-Notification TC is not far behind. Last Thursday the TC approved new committee drafts of WS-BaseNotification and Ws-BrokeredNotification and asked OASIS to start a public review period on these two. So the official public review hasn’t started yet (we are waiting for the OASIS staff to start it) but hopefully it will very soon and you can already access the documents at the URLs provided in this email.

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