Barack Obama’s first day on the job

A phone conversation.

– White House IT support.

– Hi, it’s Barack Obama.

– Good morning Mr. President and welcome to the White House.

– Thanks. Hey, I have a problem with the computer on my desk.

– Is it the screensaver? I know, it’s pretty embarrassing. President Bush got it from the vice-president and he really liked it. I was planning to remove it before you arrive this morning, but you got here before me. Sorry about that.

– Forget the screensaver. It’s the keyboard.

– Pretzel crumbs again, I am sure. Just shake it upside down.

– No it’s just the “Z” key.

– What about it?

– I’ve been pressing “control-Z” all morning. The economy is still a mess, the deficit is still huge, we’re still stuck in Iraq and Guantanamo is still open. And now my hand hurts. What gives?

– …

– Can you help?

– I am sorry Mr. President, I am afraid you cannot undo the work of the previous administration that easily.

– Really? Well, how on earth am I going to do it?

– I think it will take a lot more work.

– You’re positive I really can’t use “control-Z”?

– No you can’t.

[UPDATED 2008/11/9: Looks like he is not deterred: “Obama Weighs Quick Undoing of Bush Policy” (New York Times article, November 9, 2008)]


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