Grid cloudification #2

On a recent drive to work, I heard another echo of the Grid world in the context of Cloud computing: I was listening to the Cloud Cafe podcast with Enomaly’s Reuven Cohen when he mentioned (near the 27 minute mark) that they use Ganglia for monitoring their environment.

I am familiar with Ganglia from some HP Labs projects around PlanetLab that I was involved in. Ganglia is used quite a lot for monitoring in the PlanetLab environment.

So Ganglia is one. Is any other project/tool/product coming from the Grid/HPC efforts of the last 10 years now used by the cool Cloud kids? Globus? SmartFrog? Platform? Condor? Others?

A few seconds later in the podcast, Reuven provides this juicy quote: “is the cloud an excuse for bad code”. But that’s a topic for another post.

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