Cloud Computing trivia

A few silly trivia questions for everyone out there who has drunk the Kloud-Aid.

Q) When was the domain registered?

A) February 28, 2007. Yes, less a year and a half ago it could have been yours of 10 bucks. A nice reminder of how quickly the buzzword took over. For comparison, was registered in July 2002 and in February 2000. By the way, got snapped up a month ago today and is currently parked…

Q) who owns

A) Dell. Ironically, one of the companies that has the most to loose from it… Of course they don’t see it that way and they redirect that domain to a page that explains all they have to offer in this area.

Q) Where does the name come from?

A) According to Wikipedia, “the term cloud computing derives from the common depiction in most technology architecture diagrams, of the Internet or IP availability, using an illustration of a cloud”. OK, then are databases now called Cylinder Computing?

Q) How does one make money in Cloud Computing?

A) By registering the domain name and re-selling it at the peak of the hype. is still available…

[UPDATED 2008/8/3: For the record, that last answer was supposed to be a joke. It seemed pretty obvious at the time, but one week later the news comes out that Dell is trying to get a trademark on the term “cloud computing”… More analysis here.]

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