Oracle/BEA Middleware go-forward plan

The landscape for the post-BEA-acquisition Oracle Fusion Middleware portfolio has been publicly released. You can read a list of all the components. Tracing the history of each back to Oracle-internal developments or acquired companies is left as an exercise for the reader. There are plenty of hints, starting with some of the product names (WebLogic, Tuxedo…). The components with more generic names (SOA Suite, SOA Governance) require a little bit more digging. While the filiation might be of interest to people as a way to map the go-forward plan to current products, in the long term it doesn’t matter as much as the overall quality, consistency and integration. Which is what the stack is optimized for.

The announcement also contains enough podcasts to keep the whole family entertained during the long drive to your campground of choice over the July 4 weekend. If the kids complain, tell them it’s that or Prairie Home Companion and they’ll surrender.

[UPDATED 2008/7/15: The folks at MWD just published their analysis of the go-forward plan (free sign-up required).]

[UPDATE 2008/8/1: A nice bullet-list summary by Ashutossh Pewekar.]

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