CMDBF interoperability testing (alpha edition)

Last week, a bunch of us from the CMDBF author companies got together in a room for our first interoperability testing event. It was based on a subset of the spec. As usual with these kinds of events, the first hurdle was to get the network setup right (we had a mix of test endpoints running on remote servers and on our laptops; getting all laptops to talk to one another on a local network was easy; getting them all to talk to the remote endpoints over the internet was easy too; but getting both at the same time took a bit of work).

Once this was taken care of, the interop tests went pretty smoothly. A few problems were found but they were fixed on the fly and by the end we had happy MDRs (Management Data Repositories) talking to happy CMDBs who themselves were accessed by happy client applications. All this using the CMDBF-defined query and update interfaces.

Next steps are to update the spec with the lessons from the interop and to complete it with a few additional features that we put out of scope for the interop. Stay tuned.

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