Coming up: SCA 1.0

A look at the “specifications” page of the “Open SOA” web site (the site used by the companies that created the SCA and SDO specifications) reveals a long list of specs with a release date of tomorrow. It’s like stumbling on the quarterly announcement of a publicly traded company the day before the announcement… except without the profit potential.

There is no link at this point, so no luck accessing the specifications themselves (unless one feels lucky and wants to try guessing the URLs based on those used for previously posted documents…) but we now know what they are and that they are coming out tomorrow:

  • SCA Assembly Model V1.00
  • SCA Policy Framework V1.00
  • SCA Java Common Annotations and APIs V1.00
  • SCA Java Component Implementation V1.00
  • SCA Spring Component Implementation V1.00
  • SCA BPEL Client and Implementation V1.00
  • SCA C++ Client and Implementation V1.00
  • SCA Web Services Binding V1.00
  • SCA JMS Binding V1.00
  • SCA EJB Session Bean Binding V1.00

The second one is the one I’ll read first.

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