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I got a few requests for syndication URLs for this blog, so here is where you can find them: http://devresource.hp.com/blogs/vambenepe/viewFeeds.action. Four of them to choose from! But I have to agree that one URL that can be found on the page beats four that can’t be found… No good reason why this wasn’t on the page by default and it should be fixed soon. In the meantime, you now know where to find them if you hadn’t yet guessed (like many did and Bloglines seems to do by default) that adding “rss.xml”, “rdf.xml” or “atom.xml” at the end of the blog URL was worth a try.

The sad thing is that there wasn’t really a way to let me know of that problem (lack of feed URL) either since this blog doesn’t currently support comments (should be fixed soon) and doesn’t even provide my email address. Not that my address is hard to find on Google since my last name is not common. But, in the interest of rich metadata it should still be available on this blog (doesn’t this fit well in the much-quoted discussion between Adam “just Google it” Bosworth and Marc “give me metadata or give me death” Canter?). So, until it is available permanently on the page, here is where to send feedback: vbp@hp.com.

The paint is still fresh…

[UPDATE: the blog has since moved and these URLs are not correct anymore. The RSS feed is now at https://stage.vambenepe.com/wp-rss2.php]

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