IBM roll (of eyes)

Maybe the reason why IBM is getting out of the PC business is to focus on the next growth opportunity: sushi. This week, the WSDM face to face meeting was hosted by IBM in Boulder, CO. We had lunch at the cafeteria there and discovered that they sell an “IBM roll” in the sushi stand (Richard if the picture with you camera phone works out please email it to me). In case you are wondering, an “IBM” roll is made of eel, cucumber and avocado. And yes, it is the most expensive of all rolls ($3.49 for 4 instead of $3.19). Insert your own joke about the sushi coming with high-priced IBM consultants to help with the chopsticks…

[UPDATE: Turns out the IBM cafeteria is not the only place where you can get an “IBM roll”. If you are a visitor without a knowledgeable host in the Bay Area you might end up at Miyake in Palo Alto where you’ll see floating boats boasting Miyake’s version of the “IBM roll”. Not sure if this is coincidence or not, but the composition is actually very similar to the one found in the IBM cafeteria: “unagi, crab stick, avocado, cucumber”. They just add crab (and bad music I was told).]

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