The documents that compose the WSDM 1.0 OASIS standard

Before writing about the final approval of WSDM 1.0 as an OASIS standard I was waiting for all the documents to be posted at the official and final URLs on the OASIS web site. But this seems to be taking a long time for the OASIS webmaster to do, so here are the links to the documents in the OASIS repository. These are the exact documents that have been approved as standards and these links are not going to stop working, it’s just that they are not the nice and user-friendly URLs at which the specs will eventually be available. For example, (the URL corresponding to MUWS Part 1 in the OASIS repository) is not as nice as (the official URL at which the same document will soon be available).

Anyway, here are the documents that compose the WSDM 1.0 specification:

In order to help implementers, stand-alone versions of the XSD, WSDL and event XML files are available at the URLs that correspond to their namespaces:

A great source of information about WSDM is the WSDM page on HP’s Dev Resource site, including the “WSDM wisdom” articles (the first article is about discovery of resources) by Bryan who is also the editor of the WSDM primer so you can look forward to more clear explanations and examples when the primer comes out. Our fearless and inspiring TC chair Heather also provides a very good introduction to WSDM on the IBM developerworks site.

More about the discussions that took place during and after the vote in the next post…

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