Submission of WS-Management to the DMTF

The absence of new messages on this blog over the last few weeks does not correspond to a lack of new developments in the Web services and management domain. It has more to do with the arrival of a baby at home and just being very busy overall. In case you haven’t been following closely, the main industry development recently has been the submission of WS-Management to the DMTF and the WSDM/WS-Management interop demos at Enterprise Management World. The submission of WS-Management is great news because it is finally possible to work openly on this important piece of the infrastructure and on bringing alignment to the industry. I am not thrilled that the DMTF is the place where this happens because the industry needs a protocol that is not tied to CIM and work in the DMTF naturally tends to be CIM-centric. We’ll see how we can navigate around this iceberg. In addition, while WS-Management has been submitted, it has crucial dependencies on specifications which at this point are still proprietary (WS-Transfer, WS-Eventing, WS-Enumeration). This too is a major problem, hopefully not for much longer. All in all, this is not the ideal configuration but nevertheless a huge step forward.

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