Yet another cloud standards organization effort. This one is better than the others because it has the best domain name.

A press release to announce a Wiki. Sure. Whatever. Electrons are cheap.

Cynicism aside, it can’t hurt. But what would be really useful is if all these working groups opened up their mailing list archives and document repositories so that the Wiki can be a launching pad to actual content rather than a set of one-line descriptions of what each group is supposed to work on. With useful direct links to the most recent drafts and lists of issues under consideration. Similar to the home page of a W3C working group, but across groups. Let’s hope this is a first step in that direction.

I am also interested in where they’ll draw the line between Cloud computing and IT management. If such a line remains.


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2 Responses to YACSOE

  1. No real substance at this stage in the game if you ask me.

    Various vendors are still debating whether metering (which most confuse with billing) is indeed needed in the cloud and whether it should be fine grain or not. I think the market (the customer) will dictate the direction of any proposed standard in this particular area.

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