Moving on

I am now an Oracle employee. My last day at HP was last Friday. I have a lot of excellent memories of my almost nine years there. And the company is (finally) very serious about software and investing a lot in it. HP Software is a very good place to be. But so is Oracle and the very interesting position I was offered convinced me that now was the time to go. So I am now in the Enterprise Manager group with the title of Architect. More specifically, I am in the part of EM that manages Middleware and Applications. Which also means that I’ll get to interact with the ex-Bluestone people who were my colleagues at HP Middleware and later joined Oracle’s application server team (like Greg). And I just learned today that David Chappell (with whom I collaborated on several specs) recently joined that group too. This is a happening place.


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  1. Van

    Hi William,

    I didn’t get a chance to wish you well before you went to Oracle. I hope we meet again in some context – it was “tres bien!” The CMDBf committee will definitely benefit from your contributions, including your previously posted query primer.

  2. Peter Rosenberg

    Actually I happened to sumble over your previous blog article here:

    And I could not agree more with you, there.
    I am not an expert, but my personal standpoint is, it seems we expect to see a growing interest in RDF for one simple reason:
    – We need a shared ‘meta-model’ of artefacts of the ‘world’ in order to process real world instances.
    Since a federated CMDB is only a smal step in that direction, I would have hoped (ITIL V3 Architects, what did you have in mind when you developed ITIL V3 Vocabulary ?) the ITIL V3 propositions did incorporate, or at least prepapared ITIL for this direction (XML Schema at least).
    I did ask the Chief Architect in Maj-2006 for this, but she did not understand (anything ?) Web Version 2, I think.
    I will Feed your site into my Blog Reader.

  3. vbp

    Thanks Peter. Just for the record, the new URL for the post you are referring to is (I do not know how much longer the archives on will stay available, probably not very much).
    Now that I am at Oracle, I have found that, just like HP, Oracle has a significant community of technical people who very much understand and appreciate semantic web technologies. And I know that there are such people at IBM too. I have never met any at Microsoft, but they could well be there too (in hiding). So there is a basis for management technologies to make use of RDF and related specs. All it needs is a strong spark to ignite. Or is it a sparql?

  4. Hi William,

    Congratulations on the move and wish you best at your new position!


  5. Rex Backman

    Good Luck. Change is good.

  6. Hi,

    First of all congratulations for joining oracle.
    Having said this “I am in the part of EM that manages Middleware and Applications.” are you sharing any Enterprise related knowledge in your blog?
    Iam somewhat lookin for oracle app server adminstaration etc..

    let me know your concerns on this.

    Santosh shetgar

  7. vbp

    Hi Santosh. Management of the app server is very much within the scope of what I may talk about on this blog. That being said, for now I am more focused on the management of the apps that run on the app server than on the app server itself. But that’s just a reflection of my first two months here.