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There is a new site to promote open source “IT monitoring and network management” solutions. It appears to be an initiative from GroundWork. There are many very interesting open source projects in this area and anything that helps lower the cost of finding and filtering them is good. But when the GroundWork VP of marketing says, in an interview, that “this is the first attempt to really create a neighborhood for all these projects to be represented in that is truly neutral” it brings back to mind the Open Management Consortium, announced in May 2006 and apparently defunct (the WayBack Machine has not been able to snapshot the site since February 2008). Back in the days it billed itself as a way “to help advance the promotion, adoption, development and integration of open source systems /network management software”, which sounds pretty similar.

What happened to it and what will keep from meeting a similar fate?


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  1. I’d say Open management consortium had different objectives. It was an attempt to increase collaboration between individuals/companies, a vendor neutral forum for exchange of ideas, etc. Its failure is telling (very limited interest from IT management folks from the field). Overwhelming majority of IT management related discussions happen in vendor/project mailing lists and forums. is more like vertical, a directory of open source projects in monitoring area. You don’t have to host the project there.

    Will it change the IT management world? highly doubt it. Will it survive? I’d say it has a better change to survive than OMC. The fact that Groundwork is supporting may even be a positive.

    A governance system that would ensure its independence and survival would indeed go a long way to increase its chances.

  2. Hi berkay!

    Just a heads-up, we are actually trying to get that governance board set up! Check out