Oracle acquires mValent for application config management

mValent will become part of Enterprise Manager. It comes to complement other recent acquisition in the application management space: Auptyma, Moniforce, Empirix, ClearApp.

The announcement and FAQ are here.

More details about the acquired product and technology are on the mValent site, including here and here.

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One Response to Oracle acquires mValent for application config management

  1. William, Full disclosure here: I am the CEO of Phurnace Software.

    mValent, the cat of the configuration management market (as in nine lives), was originally a CMDB vendor, then positioned themselves differently, then again, then again, and finally, as application configuration automation. They have been a long time partner with Oracle as well as with OpsWare (acquired by HP). The acquisition announcement shows that automated configuration is becoming a hot topic. This validates that there are real challenges in the current processes around application configuration and that the challenges are now serious enough to get the attention of Oracle. We see it every day. Our customers and prospects tell us they feel the pain each time a new app, a new patch, or a new release requires deployment from dev to test to production. Too often, custom scripting or some hacked together scripting-framework is the norm.

    My bet is that Oracle will evolve the mValent Integrity product to be surrounded by and dependent on Oracle-only products. Where does that leave the huge customer base that relies on other middleware offerings like IBM WebSphere, RedHat JBoss, BMC Bladelogic, HP Server Automation, IBM Build Forge, etc.? Oracle has this habit of forcing you to go back to their well (and making it tough if you don’t like the water). Phurnace is now the only vendor-neutral automated deployment vendor. And, we still plan to support all of the releases of WebLogic (Oracle’s web app server).

    The discomfort of application deployment and configuration is real and most companies are just now realizing that there is a way to ease that pain. Oracle, with this acquisition, has said it is OK to admit the problem. So now I ask you, please go do something about it. Act. Look at both Oracle/mValent and at Phurnace Deliver™. Either choice is better than what you are probably doing today. Although I think Phurnace is the better choice.